Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Basic Christianity

All the best coaches understand that every game is about mastering the basics and learning to execute them as instinctively, habitually, and perfectly as possible. Some players inevitably complicate things by showing off or developing their own unique techniques, but when they do, they’re training to lose rather than to win. Anything that distorts or replaces the basics is a game-losing distraction.

In principle, life in Christ is no different. According to Scripture, the "basic" (foundational) principle of Christian living is the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. As Christians, we must never think of graduating from the school of the gospel because if we do, we will never grow in faith. Satan, the great liar, is devoted to deceiving us into thinking that we need something more, but there is nothing more. The gospel of grace is the power of God unto salvation from start to finish, and there is no power in anything else. Though in one sense, the basic principle of biblical Christianity is "simple," it is by no means "easy." All who travel this road will testify that the way of the cross is paved with pain and suffering as well as with unspeakable joy. So, to say that growth in the Christian faith comes by the gospel is no magical "rabbit’s foot," but it is the truth. Learning how to apply this truth in every area of our lives is the life-long journey of biblical Christian faith. If we’re growing as Christians, then our lives will be an adventure by which we learn more and more how better to believe and live according to the great gospel of Jesus Christ.

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