Friday, May 25, 2007

Summaries and Themes of the New Testament Books

Matthew – Jesus Christ is the King promised by the Old Testament.
Mark – Jesus Christ announces the kingdom and calls men to be disciples.
Luke – Emphasizes the humanity of Jesus, ministry to the poor and needy, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
John – Eternal life is through faith in Jesus Christ.
Acts – The kingdom of Jesus Christ spread through the ministry of the apostles and the witness of the early church.
Romans – The theology of the kingdom is that union with Christ results in justification by faith alone and sanctification by mortification and vivification.
1 Corinthians – Outposts of the kingdom, or churches, must be united in the gospel rather than divided over false doctrines.
2 Corinthians – Paul urges the church to recognize his apostleship and to unite with him in his ministry.
Galatians – Justification is not by good works but is by faith alone in Christ alone, which issues in godly living.
Ephesians – Jews and Gentiles who believe are one kingdom people in Christ.
Philippians – A clear understanding of the gospel of the kingdom results in a generous heart, willing to give to the cause of Christ.
Colossians – Jesus Christ is better than myths and worldly philosophies.
1 Thessalonians – Bereaved believers should take comfort in the fact that those who die in the Lord are alive with Christ and will be raised again.
2 Thessalonians – Persecuted believers should persevere in the faith, take comfort in the fact that judgment day is coming, and continue to work even though the day of the return of the Lord is near.
1 Timothy – Instructions on how pastors are to lead and organize the church of Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy – Exhortation to pastors to uphold and defend sound doctrine against all heresies and not to be like those leaders who propagate error.
Titus – Instructions to pastors to fight against both legalism and license, standing firm in the gospel of grace.
Philemon – Instruction to Philemon to accept Onesimus now that he had converted to Christ.
Hebrews – Jesus Christ and His Word is better than the Old Testament system; therefore, do not revert to it.
James – True kingdom living loves others in Christ through trusting obedience to Him.
1 Peter – Sufferings and persecutions are to be expected in this life, but the great hope of the Christian is that faithfulness to Christ yields great blessing.
2 Peter – One mark of false teaching is licentious living; therefore, continue in godly living to the end.
1 John – Assurance of salvation comes through obedience to Christ; the disobedient who depart from Christ were never saved in the first place.
2 John – Christian hospitality is important, but do not show hospitality to heretics.
3 John – Christians must show love and support for missionaries.
Jude – Contend for the faith and cling to Christ in godliness while avoiding the libertine gnosticism.
Revelation – Jesus Christ, the true King of heaven and earth, will be victorious over all of the forces of evil; therefore, worship Him and obey Him because a great reward awaits all who overcome.

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