Sunday, September 16, 2007

Federal Vision Discussion

De Regno Christi will be hosting a discussion of the Federal Vision beginning Monday September 17, 2007. Questions to be addressed include: "First, What is the problem in Reformed Christianity that Federal Vision is trying to fix? Second, is it a real problem, and, if so, did/does the FV address it adequately? Finally, if FV is inadequate, what alternative plan for addressing the problem do FV critics propose." Doug Wilson, Richard Gamble, Peter Leithart, D.G. Hart, John Muether, and Richard Lints will be among the participants.

HT: James Grant


  1. Yeah i saw this...but i leave for class at 10:20 and come back at 8 tonight and there's 3000 new posts...i can't keep up man...i can't. keep. up.


  2. Yeah, the blog format out there is pretty terrible too. It makes the discussion hard to follow.

  3. tom, what exactly is a "high-church calvinist"? and how in THE WORLD could somebody possibly say that the "visible" church is the bride of CHrist? AAAHHHH

  4. Ryan, different folks would add different nuances to this, but a high church Calvinist is generally one with a high ecclesiology (often also accompanied by liturgical forms of worship), which gives a great deal of authority to the institutional church, including the authority to confer spiritual status through the sacraments. So, (infant) baptism makes one a Christian and communion confers sustaining grace.

    As to your second question, the answer follows from what I've written above. FVists see the institutional church, the visible community of baptized persons, as the primary expression of the church. And, the church is joined to Christ. Individuals may fall away from Christ and His church, but the church as an institutional organic whole is forever His bride. Something like that...