Monday, November 12, 2007

NT Use of the OT

There's a book out called Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament edited by GK Beale and DA Carson. Advocating a covenantal interpretation of the Old Testament, it has been reviewed over at Nine Marks Ministries by James Hamilton, who wrote:

"Many of us studied under professors who said something like this: "the authors of the New Testament made the Old Testament say whatever they wanted it to say, but they had the right to do so because they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. You can’t interpret the Old Testament the way they did because you’re not inspired."

Okay, maybe they nuanced the statement more than that, but the idea was plainly communicated that the authors of the New Testament had not interpreted the Old Testament according to the Old Testament’s own meaning in its own historical context. Thus, whatever the authors of the New Testament may have been doing, we were not to read the Old Testament the way they read it. And we were taught this by evangelical scholars who signed a doctrinal statement that had the word inerrancy in it."

I just bought a copy of the commentary for myself and encourage you to get yours!!!

HT: The Road to Emmaus

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