Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top 9 Biographies

Michael Haykin recently blogged about the top nine biographies that have had a profound impact on his life. Here they are:

1. Iain Murray, DM Lloyd-Jones (2 vols.)

2. Faith Cook, Grimshaw of Haworth

3. Courtney Anderson, To the Golden Shore (Adoniram Judson)

4. Timothy George, Faithful Witness (W Carey)

5. Andrew Fuller, Memoirs of Samuel Pearce

6. A Dallimore, George Whitefield (2 vols.)

7. Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo

8. George Marsden, Jonathan Edwards

9. Iain Murray, Jonathan Edwards

I would only add Charles Spurgeon's 2 volume autobiography and the missionary John Paton's autobiography.

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  1. My favorite missionary biography is Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret. As my husband's dad says, it is a book that should be read every year! He truly lived sacrificially and distinctly...something I can increase in. Hope you are doing well.